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Introducing TubePress for Wix



Today we are delighted to announce our newest partnership that introduces a radically new way to use TubePress. As an “app” in the Wix App Market, TubePress is now available to the millions of Wix websites. No download required!

What’s Wix?

Simply put, Wix is an online platform where non-technical folks can build gorgeous and functional websites. Wix features a drag-and-drop interface, a large template library, and a focus on the latest web technologies such as HTML5 and mobile-ready designs. As of this writing, Wix customers have created a stunning 26 million websites on their platform.

The Wix App Market

Near the end of 2012, Wix introduced their own App Market – much like the app stores of Apple, Google, Amazon, etc – which opened the door for 3rd-party developers to bring their products to Wix users. With a few dozen apps so far, the new App Market is growing rapidly and includes apps from big names like Shopify, Instagram, and SoundCloud.

TubePress Pro in the Cloud

Here at TubePress we saw the Wix App Market as an opportunity to reach a huge new audience of site builders: customers that would rather not manage a WordPress or PHP based site. So we installed TubePress Pro onto a couple of cloud servers and registered the service with Wix. Voilà!

The TubePress app for Wix is point-and-click simple to use. No downloads, no installation, and a fully graphical configuration that even your grandmother would find fun! But don’t let all this simplicity fool you – TubePress for Wix is just as powerful as the downloadable versions of TubePress and TubePress Pro.

We encourage you to head on over to Wix and try it out for free!

TubePress 3.0.0 – 3rd and Final Release Candidate

TubePress 3.0.0.RC3 is now available for download! This will be the final release candidate for TubePress 3.0.0. While we still don’t recommend installing it on high-traffic sites, you’ll find that it’s very stable.

You can find the full list of what’s changed for TubePress 3.0.0 here.

Please report any issues with this version in the discussion forum. Thanks for helping us test this exciting new release!


First Release Candidate of TubePress 3.0.0!

Today we are happy to announce the availability of TubePress 3.0.0.RC1. This version includes a some awesome new features, a lot of bug fixes, and official support for the TubePress Add-On API. With the introduction of our API, you can now extend TubePress to get it to do, well, just about anything!

You can find the full list of what’s changed here. Please note that this is a release candidate. While we have tested it extensively, we do not recommend running this version of TubePress on production or busy sites.

As per usual, please report any issues with this version in the discussion forum. Thanks for helping us test this exciting new release!


Vote for Upcoming Features

ballot boxAt TubePress, we take all customer feedback very seriously. One of the most important feedback channels for us is the list of feature requests hosted at Google Code.

We’d like to remind you to vote – “star” in Google Code terminology – for the features that you would most like to see. This list is the most important guide for TubePress’s development. In other words – features with the most votes will be implemented first! Democracy is a beautiful thing.

Vote today!

TubePress 2.4.5

TubePress 2.4.5 is now available! This version simply includes a bug fix for the newly released format of YouTube playlist identifiers. All users are encouraged to upgrade. Please download your copy now and report any issues in the support forum.

Have fun, and thank you for using TubePress!

Reports of YouTube videos freezing after one minute

The problem appears to have been fixed:

what the Players engineering team believes is a fix for this issue has been pushed to our production servers.

YouTube has acknowledged the issue:

There’s definitely and issue, presumably due to last night’s push, and we’ll get it resolved as quickly as we can. Thanks for bearing with us while we investigate.

We’ve had a few folks reporting in the support forum that YouTube videos are freezing after playing for about a minute. The issue appears to be on YouTube’s end, and they are aware of the problem. Here are a few resources on the subject:

We recommend starring the bug report to both get YouTube’s attention and track updates to the fix. We will update this post as the topic develops.