TubePress 2.4.5

TubePress 2.4.5 is now available! This version simply includes a bug fix for the newly released format of YouTube playlist identifiers. All users are encouraged to upgrade. Please download your copy now and report any issues in the support forum.

Have fun, and thank you for using TubePress!

Reports of YouTube videos freezing after one minute

The problem appears to have been fixed:

what the Players engineering team believes is a fix for this issue has been pushed to our production servers.

YouTube has acknowledged the issue:

There’s definitely and issue, presumably due to last night’s push, and we’ll get it resolved as quickly as we can. Thanks for bearing with us while we investigate.

We’ve had a few folks reporting in the support forum that YouTube videos are freezing after playing for about a minute. The issue appears to be on YouTube’s end, and they are aware of the problem. Here are a few resources on the subject:

We recommend starring the bug report to both get YouTube’s attention and track updates to the fix. We will update this post as the topic develops.

We’re Hiring!

TubePress is accepting applications from PHP developers looking for part-time positions. Hours are very flexible, and jobs range from 20 – 200 hours per month. Wage is hourly and varies based on experience and skill level. More permanent opportunities will be available in the future.

This is a great opportunity to write software that is enjoyed regularly by thousands of users around the world!

General requirements

  • You speak and write English fluently.
  • You are comfortable working remotely.
  • You live in North America.
  • Preference given to residents of Pittsburgh, PA or Western Pennsylvania.

Technical requirements

  • Very strong PHP background and skills. 4 years experience minimum.
  • Deep understanding of object-oriented design.
  • Familiarity with Git.
  • Experience working with SQL, JavaScript (preferably jQuery), and HTML.


  • Roughly $25 to $35 per hour, depending on skill and experience.

To apply, candidates should send a resume, brief cover letter, and optional code sample to

TubePress 2.4.2 Released!

Announcing the immediate availability of TubePress 2.4.2!

The big theme for this release is bug fixes, though there are a few new features such as improved control of sorting and a Polish translation. For a full list of changes, please see the version history.

Download your copy today!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be taking a step back from any major code development. There are pieces of the infrastructure that have fallen behind with the times and need some attention. Specifically, I’ll be upgrading TubePress’s

Finally, I’ll be overhauling the membership area to provide customers with better visibility into their account status and payment history. Stand by for more news on all of this as it’s released.

Thanks for using TubePress!

TubePress 2.4.2 Release Candidate 1

Announcing the first release candidate for TubePress 2.4.2!

The big theme for this release is bug fixes, though there are a few new features such as improved control of sorting and a Polish translation. For a full list of changes, please see the roadmap.

Please help us test!

  • Users of the free WordPress plugin can download this release from here
  • Pro users can download from the members area on

As usual, please report any trouble with TubePress in the support form. Thanks for using TubePress!

Recent problems with the Vimeo API

Quite a few users have have reported that their Vimeo galleries have suddenly stopped working. The common error message seems to be

The oauth_signature passed was not valid

The short answer is that I have no explanation why so many signatures would immediately (and concurrently) go bad. It’s definitely an issue on Vimeo’s end, as thousands of TubePress-based Vimeo galleries continue to operate normally.

Until we get a final resolution, here are some steps you can take right now:

  1. Post a comment in the Vimeo API forum, particularly you can add on to this existing thread. The more users that post here, the faster we can get Vimeo’s attention.

  2. Try the troubleshooting steps in the TubePress documentation at Troubleshooting > Server-side > Vimeo OAuth. YMMV.

  3. Star this issue to track updates to the problem. I’ll be posting updates here as I get them.

With luck we should be able to get Vimeo’s attention and get a fix out shortly.

TubePress 2.4.0 Is Here!

I’m happy to announce that TubePress 2.4.0 is now available for download. This version includes a handful of bug fixes along with a hefty set of new features. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Sequential auto-play
    This TubePress-Pro-only feature allows videos in your gallery to play one after another with no user intervention, much like viewing a playlist on Works with both Vimeo and YouTube!

  • Refactored HTTP Client
    Say goodbye to the dreaded “No matching videos” error! Network problems will now be presented with error messages in plain English

  • HTTPS Support
    Another Pro-only feature, this allows you to serve up YouTube thumbnails and the embedded player over a secure connection. This is crucial for folks using TubePress in an SSL environment. Unfortunately this feature only applies to YouTube at the moment, as Vimeo does not yet offer serving their thumbnails over HTTPS.

  • “Modest” branding and auto-hide of YouTube controls
    Making available the latest features of YouTube’s embedded video player

The entire list of changes can be found here. Thanks to all who reported bugs and provided patches!

As usual, please report any issues you find with this new version in the forum or as a bug report. I’ll be spending the next few days updating the feature showcase as well as the documentation. I hope you enjoy this new version!

TubePress 2.4.0 Release Candidate 1

Announcing the immediate availability of the first release candidate of TubePress 2.4.0! This release is not intended for production environments but is stable enough for rigorous testing. For a list of changes in version 2.4.0, please see the TubePress roadmap. Due to the large number of changes since version 2.2.9, there will likely be one more RC before 2.4.0 final is released.

As usual, please report any issues encountered with this version in the support forum or as a bug report. Enjoy!