We’ve just added three new premium add-ons to the TubePress Marketplace that we’re excited to share with you.

  • Vimeo All Access
    Provides TubePress with enhanced access to your Vimeo Plus or PRO account, thus allowing TubePress to work with private Vimeo videos. This is particularly useful if you’d like to hide your videos from display on vimeo.com and only show them on your TubePress-powered site.
  • Flexible Thumbnail Rows
    Automatically adjusts the height of thumbnail rows in TubePress galleries, ensuring that the metadata (runtime, title, description, etc) for each video is completely visible. Without this add-on, TubePress uses a fixed height for the thumbnail rows, and any metadata that is taller than the row will be cut off.
  • QuickPlay
    Replaces video thumbnail images with fully-functional embedded video players. Among other things, this allows your users to watch your videos right within the context of your gallery.

Purchase of any add-on comes with a full year of upgrades. Keep an eye on the TubePress Marketplace as we’ll be adding more add-ons over the coming months.