Prepend a video

Start off a gallery with a custom video

On any page that is showing a TubePress gallery, TubePress allows you to identify an arbitrary video that you'd like to prepend to the gallery. This is useful if you'd like to share a link to a specific video, or include a video that otherwise wouldn't be in the gallery.

To use this feature, you simply need to add tubepress_item to the URL of a page with TubePress, and set its value to the ID of the video that you'd like to prepend. Below are some examples:

http://foo.bar/videos?tubepress_item=K34RS6M11uw This would prepend the YouTube video with ID K34RS6M11uw to any gallery on the page.

http://something.com/gallery?page=2&tubepress_item=131240951 This would prepend the Vimeo video with ID 131240951 to any gallery on the page.

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