The playlist identified with the request's <code>playlistId</code> parameter cannot be found

We are getting errors (on random places) on random playlists about playlistID parameter -

We are using TubePress Pro plugin Version 5.1.8. This error is random and displaying on random playlist. See attached screenshot, one from LIVE and one from Staging Enviroment.

Kindly suggest the possible solution.


Thank you for getting in touch. This is a new error that seems to be affecting TubePress galleries sourced with YouTube playlists. It appears that YouTube has changed something on their end. We are aware of the issue and working as quickly as we can to resolve it. Please stand by for updates.

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@elisabeth thanks for the response, do you know the ETA on this? As our LIVE site showing this and it looks bad when our customers see this. thank you.

I am getting the same error on my site when trying to use youtube playlist.

I am having the same issue. Can you let us know when this is fixed. I have been having the same issues for a while. Sometimes it displays the galleries and sometimes it doesn’t.

Do have have an ETA about when the fix will go live? My website highly relies on this plugin as I’m using it to display YouTube videos. Please do your best to deliver faster. I have a pro yearly membership.

Also having the same issue, can you let us know when fixed? And if we need to do anything…

Also experiencing this issue. ETA on this fix? It’s breaking a large portion of our site.

Sincere apologies for the delay in updates here! A fix is ready for current TubePress Pro (plugin) subscribers. Please email us from the email address associated with your TubePress account (send to support AT tubepress DOT com, or use the “Billing or account issues” option on our contact page) and we will get the fix to you ASAP.

This fix will also go out with TubePress 5.1.9, but there is no firm ETA on its release date. I will update this topic when 5.1.9 is available, at which point the only action needed will be to update your version of TubePress Pro.

I’m also experiencing this issue but have not received any emails with the fix. Can you please send the instructions to me?

@noah Reaching out to us is the only way we know you are experiencing this issue, so thank you. You have now been emailed.

Can you please send me the fix as well? I’m having the exact same problem. Thanks!

@Gianna Thanks for reaching out; please check your email for the fix.

Hello, we are also experiencing this issue. Can you please email us the fix?

@evy Yes, please check your email.

I had the same issues on both videos here :, but looks like it’s already fixed

Please send me the fix as well? I’m having the exact same problem. Thanks!

@audiovideo It has been sent!

Please send me the fix as well.

@mcg An email has been sent your way