Youtube playlists on Weebly say no matching videos and don't work even after API fix

Hi my galleries nearly all have stopped working and the playsite code has remained unchanged for them.

I had the same problem a while back

Here is an example on my site

I’m using chrome and it does not work on it,
or on other browsers or another pc with chrome so it’s not a local issue

I applied the fix

and the galleries worked for many months

They have stopped working
Could you please advise
Thank you

I’ve created a new gallery in tubepress and then previewed it and it works a few times
then it stops working

eg using this playlist for testing from youtube
it does not work

and does not work with this playlist

Unfortunately, this is a new error that seems to be affecting TubePress galleries sourced with YouTube playlists. It appears that YouTube has changed something on their end. We are aware of the issue and working as quickly as we can to resolve it. Please stand by for updates.


You can close the ticket I had on this issue. I’ll follow this one for updates.


@spavar1 @jkwent We are expecting the fix for YouTube playlist-based galleries to be rolled out by the end of the day. Please watch this thread for further updates.