WordPress theme or trial plugin causing non-responsive behavior?

Thank you very much. Now I have a question about Tubepress Pro that is working properly on this site.

It may be influenced by the Wordpress theme, but on smartphones the main screen is not responsive and the right side is hidden.

[Sample page]
https://yumemarche.com/takara-jiten/星蘭ひとみ(� % 81% 9b% e3% 81% 84% e3% 82% 89% e3% 83% bb% e3% 81% b2% e3% 81% a8% e3% 81% bf% ef% bc% 89 /

What you create with Express is responsive.

[Sample page]
https://yumemarche.com/takara-jiten/天彩峰里(あ� % 81% be% e3% 81% 84% e3% 82% 8d% e3% 83% bb% e3% 81% bf% e3% 81% ad% e3% 82% 8a% ef% bc% 89 /
Is it a trial that doesn’t become responsive in Pro? Or is it a theme-related issue?

Above, thank you.

Responsive embeds are not available in the trial version of our WordPress plugin. If you purchase and install the premium version, TubePress Pro, then your gallery will become responsive, much like the Express gallery.

I noticed that https://yumemarche.com/takara-jiten/星蘭ひとみ(せいら・ひとみ)/ is displaying the “Daily Limit Exceeded” error. We suggest that you check your quota usage and limits via the Google developer’s console to resolve this. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist!