Vimeo Channel gallery not showing new videos

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I added a video to an existing Vimeo channel linked to a tubepress gallery in my account (I have a tubepress express) but the tubepress gallery is not showing the new video either on the website or the preview on the tubepress dashboard. This has not been a problem in the past. I’m creating the galleries on the tubepress dashboard and inserting the “add to your site” code directly rather than using the plugin.

I have tubepress plugin Version 5.1.5 running on the wordpress instillation with the Vimeo api key, it’s been working for 2+ years. The plugin is flagged as needing updating or changing to Tubepress pro. However when I go to your download page it says “if you are using TubePress Express, Jimdo, TubePress for Wix, or 1&1, you already have full access to these features at no extra cost.” but I can’t find the download for the new plugin? would this help?

I hope you can help with this problem which is occurring on two sites which have tubepress galleries to display viemeo channels.

It looks like your site is now displaying all 17 videos in your channel; is that the case for you as well? For TubePress Express galleries, TubePress caches responses from Vimeo for a few hours to keep your site running at top speed. This means that if you add a video to, it may take up to 6 hours until it shows up on your site (but typically less). We have plans to allow you to control this delay, but for now this is how it works.

Since it sounds like you are solely using TubePress Express galleries for your websites, you can safely ignore the free TubePress plugin you have installed (and delete it if you wish) and any prompts to upgrade to Pro. However, if it’s very important that new videos show up in less time than described above, the ability to adjust this delay is available with our plugin. If you are interested in switching from Express to Pro, let me know and I can go into more detail.

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