Responsiveness in TubePress galleries

Hi Elisabeth, thanks for explaining that. I have another problem which may be connected to the plugin and express v pro membership: my galleries for eg and (on the home pages) display Vimeo galleries with a shadowbox player. On the preview popup player from your site, I can make the display smaller than the overall gallery size and the player very neatly adjusts to appear within that view. However when viewed on the website, the player does not adjust but displays in the middle of the total gallery size, even if that is out of the browser view. So if you click the top video you then have to scroll down to find the player, which can be some way on iphone! I followed instructions to install the shadowbox js etc files in the wp-content directory, but had to crate the tubpress-content directory and all subdirectories as well. Obviously I’ve cleared cache etc but it’s not working. Any ideas?

With both TubePress Express and TubePress Pro, we recommend the “normal (at the top of your gallery)” player location for responsiveness. This setting can be found under Player > Play each video. Keep in mind that any galleries managed via the Dashboard are TubePress Express galleries and do not require additional installations. Please let us know if we can do anything else to assist.

Thanks for your quick reply. However I use tubepress because I want the more streamlined design of the thumbnail gallery and shadowbox player. This option works perfectly (ie gallery thumbnails and player are responsive) on the iPhone when I view the preview via the tubepress dashboard but not on the website itself. Is this due to the player not finding the correct scripts (from the website) to work as intended? As detailed on this page you explain that “optional installations” including the shadowbox js is available for for tubepress pro users, so if I upgrade my account to pro will this shadowbox work for me?

Shadowbox.js unfortunately just doesn’t have the responsive capabilities that you’re after. It won’t really matter if you use TubePress Express or TubePress Pro, as they both use the same version of the Shadowbox library.

One workaround that may suit your needs is to display up one gallery (with Shadowbox enabled) to non-mobile users, and another gallery (with the responsive, “normal” player location enabled) to mobile users. This would give your mobile users a great experience, while keeping Shadowbox for your desktop users (where responsiveness doesn’t really matter). The only trick to this approach is that you’ll need to put in some wrapper code to detect mobile vs. non-mobile users, then tell TubePress which settings should be used for that particular viewer. If this is an approach that you’d like to try, we could provide some pointers to get you started.

Thanks again for your reply. This is disappointing to hear. Why offer a sreamlined, stylish gallery and player which only works in some situations but not others, especially when over 50% of website view are now made on smart phones or smaller devices? My big issue is that the shadowbox works perfectly on the iPhone and on a very small browser window (ie when you can only view a small area of the whole gallery) when viewed via the popup preview player from tubepress’s dashboard, but not when it’s added to the website. Using developer tools I can see this is because it can’t find shadowbox js and other files from my hosting server whereas it can from My clients (and my design) don’t want that ugly big player sitting at the top of their film gallery. Fortunately I have found a company who have developed several very stylish options and I will be using them for Vimeo galleries and my clients are happy to pay a bit more for that option. Thanks again for your time.

I am so sorry for your disappointment and that we don’t meet your and your clients’ needs at this time. If we can be of assistance in the future, please don’t hesitate to ask.