Videos showing, but not playing

This is the page in question:

Videos are showing up, but clicking on them does nothing. It did work before, and it wouldn’t shock me if our theme, which went through a major rewrite, is to blame. But can you give any points on why this might be happening?

Looks like the javascript based YouTube players aren’t working (tinybox, fancybox). If I use popup or jqmodal, it works

@glennb, thanks for getting in touch! I’m glad to hear you found a workaround for now. This type of error is usually easy for us to diagnose remotely as long as we can see the problem firsthand. Would you be willing to create a test page that demonstrates the unclickable thumbnails issue? A page with the following shortcodes would be ideal:

[tubepress playerLocation="normal"]
[tubepress playerLocation="tinybox"]
[tubepress playerLocation="fancybox"]
[tubepress playerLocation="shadowbox"]

We look forward to hearing back and investigating further; thanks!

Okay, done. Here is the page:

Basically, “normal” and “tinybox” are working. “fancybox” and “shadowbox” are not.

Thank you so much. There does appear to be a conflict with Fancybox and your theme. For this reason and for responsiveness across devices, we would highly recommend using the “normal” player location. Shadowbox should also work, but it does require a separate installation. Please let us know if either of those suits your needs or if we can be of further assistance.