Update Documentation - Showcases, not Albums

Hey there! I run a trading website, SabreTradingSystems.com, where I teach people how to trade Forex, Futures, and Stocks. I wanted to have a secure library where people could not download my videos or share links from my trainings that I do 3x/week, so TubePress was the best option on Wix, my web host.

Just wanted to say that I love it! EXCEPT the documentation needs to be updated… I was wondering why I could not add videos using my channel but now they are called SHOWCASES, no longer Albums. It is the Showcase number that needs to be entered for the hidden collection. I hunted around and in desperation gave the showcase number a try and it worked perfectly - now I have a secure repository for my videos.

Keep up the good work!


@ocaptain, thank you for the kind words! We’re very glad to hear you’re enjoying TubePress for Wix. You’re absolutely right that our documentation needs some updating, and we will be sure to have Vimeo albums renamed to showcases. Glad you were able to get things working, but if anything else comes up please don’t hesitate to reach out to us again; we’re more than happy to help!