Tubepress breaking wordpress site

We’ve had tubepress installed for quite some time but recently, when it is enabled, it completely breaks the website frontend. Only when it is disabled does it return to normal. Do you know of any known plugin conflicts for the most recent version of Wordpress, or the7 theme? This is a heavily used site so we wanted to see if there were any known conflicts out there right now before we start deactivating/testing live. Thanks!

Sorry to hear about this, @mike! TubePress v5.1.8 is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and we haven’t had any other reports of conflicts with your theme. Although we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with all other software from 3rd-party vendors, we have never encountered a situation where we could not figure out the conflict and come up with a solution. If you are willing and able to supply FTP and/or WP Admin credentials to your site, please do so via the second option on our contact page and we’ll be happy to investigate.

If that’s not possible, here’s what we would suggest to narrow down the source of the conflict:

  1. Temporarily switch to another theme (e.g. a default WordPress theme)

If the issue goes away, we know it’s something in your theme and we can investigate that further. However, if the problem persists with another theme, go on to the next step.

  1. Temporarily disable all other plugins, then enable TubePress

One by one, re-enable the other plugins until the issue reappears. That will pinpoint the plugin conflict and we can work from that information to come up with a solution.

We look forward to working this out!