The playlist identified with the request's <code>playlistId</code> parameter cannot be found

@SunisleWebsupport and @patrick, you have been emailed!

Great, Thanks A lot. This fixed my issue.

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hi we have subscription but last version available is 5.1.8. Please let us know how to download new version with fix.


I installed version 5.1.8 to fix this error, but it continues appears

Can you help me, please?

@vendite and @info4, I have emailed you with steps to apply the fix.

Need a fix here myself. Playlists not working.

You have been emailed, @glennb!

I also need assistance with the fix. “YouTube responded with an error: The playlist identified with the request’s playlistId parameter cannot be found.”

@amdesigndev you have been emailed!