Search restricted by user

My search function is still pulling up videos not from my playlist, even though I have the results set to restrict results to my user id:

Are you able to share a link to a page on your site demonstrating the issue? You may also want to review these tips on shortcodes as “fancy” characters can cause your shortcode to be read incorrectly.

I’ve tested a number of times today and can no longer reproduce the bug. Previously, using the search function brought up a handful of videos that were not from my channel:

Of course, now I’m getting a “playlist cannot be found” error, even though the playlist is there, its playlistvalue is correct, AND it still works in my test environment …

We have received several reports of this YouTube playlist error in recent days and are working on a resolution as quickly as possible. We believe YouTube has made a change on their end which is causing this error. It’s hard to say for certain, but this may be affecting your search results as well. Once we have more insight, I will be sure to let you know.