Tips on Editing TubePress Shortcodes

This page lists some tips to avoid common pitfalls when adding or editing TubePress shortcodes in WordPress posts or pages.

The Problem: WordPress’s Visual Editor

When you add or edit a post or a page, WordPress lets you compose with the Visual Editor, which is a semi-WYSIWYG editor that is often convenient when writing text.

However, when adding or editing a TubePress shortcode to a post or page, the Visual Editor can be your worst enemy. In a noble effort to make your prose shine, the Visual Editor often inserts “fancy” characters (such as " , " , ˝ , etc.) and HTML tags such as <pre> or <code> . These characters and tags can have a disastrous effect on TubePress’s ability to configure itself and display your videos.

The Solution: WordPress’s Text Editor

The solution is to switch to WordPress’s Text Editor when adding or editing shortcodes. This is really easy to do and we explain the process below.

Step 1: Switch to the Text Editor

At the top right of your post, you’ll see “Visual” and “Text”. Click “Text” to switch to the Text Editor.

Switch to WordPress Text Editor

You should then see your post, just with the “plumbing” of what’s underneath.

WordPress Text Editor

Step 2: Remove Any Surrounding HTML Tags

Ensure that wherever you have a TubePress shortcode in your post or page, there are no surrounding HTML tags such as <pre> or <code> . If you do find such tags, delete both the opening and closing tags.

Delete HTML tags

Step 3: Ensure Absence of “Fancy” Quotes

Check the quotes (single or double) in your shortcode and ensure that they are “plain” quotes. The safest way to do this is to simply delete any suspect quote and type it in again directly (while using the Text Editor).

Delete fancy quotes

Plain quotes

Using WPBakery’s Visual Composer?

WPBakery offers the very popular Visual Composer, which is a drag-and-drop interface for building WordPress pages. If you are using Visual Composer, please ensure that you type TubePress shortcodes into a Text Block. You can find a support article on this here.