Most of my galleries don't work anymore+

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Hi my galleries nearly all have stopped working and the playsite code has remained unchanged for them.
Here is an example on my site

I m using chrome and it does not work on it, other browsers or another pc with chrome so it’s not a local issue

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and are working to address it. Google is in the process of making major changes to the availability of their data API, which TubePress uses extensively, and unfortunately this is causing inconsistency in the availability of TubePress video galleries. We are close to rolling out a fix to address this and will let you know as soon as it’s ready. The fix will require a few minutes of action on your part, but we will outline the process and be standing by if you run into any issues. We expect to have the fix out by tomorrow.

Dear Elisabeth

Thxs for the reply

  As I can see you have a handle on the problem and it's fixable I

will wait

  If it's going to take until this time next week then probably

best to let everyone know so they don’t keep msg you for updates

All the best


We truly appreciate your patience and the fix is now ready. Please see this post for details.

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