How to put different content on different pages?

I would like to have two different players. How do I set up the shortcode? Thank you!

Hi! Depending on your goals, your basic shortcode could look something like this:

[tubepress playerLocation="popup"]

The above shortcode would display a TubePress gallery in a popup window. For a player that displays above your gallery of thumbnails, simply replace the value of playerLocation in your second shortcode, i.e.

[tubepress playerLocation="normal"]

The playerLocation and playerImplementation sections of our all options page list the available values for these options. Just keep in mind that JW Player and Shadowbox.js require separate installation before use, and any options not explicitly set in your shortcode will revert to your saved settings at WP Admin > Settings > TubePress.

If we can do anything else to assist, please let us know!