How do I enter an API key?

Currently, I am testing with a TubePress Express trial. So I have a question about the youtube API.
I got a new API key, but the API key in the Profile has already been entered and I can not change it. Is this information that I need to enter when purchasing from Trail?
In that case, do I have to edit the html data output in the test again?

Thanks for getting in touch and apologies for the confusion! For TubePress Express users, you will want to enter - and save - your YouTube API key in the Credentials section of the dashboard, which it looks like you have since done. (The API key in the Profile section applies only to our WordPress plugin users.) Please reach out if you have any further questions!

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Thank you very much.
Again, the matter of the Youtube API key.
I get the API Key as specified, fill in the Credintials field and save it, the first time I can output well, but after a little time, on the page where Tubepress Pro is set,

[YouTube responded with an error: The request cannot be completed because you have exceeded your quota .]

Will be displayed and will be blank on the Express page.
Also, when I check it in the preview of Tubepress Dashboard, “No matching videos” is displayed, and the image list and the thumbnail of the main screen are not displayed.

By the way, if you leave it blank or enter the API Key of the preference “AIzaSy…“, I will succeed in the preview.

I have been testing various things, but if I get and enter the API Key as per the manual here, it will not work well.

Please give good advice for this annoying problem. (Although it may be present in the past log of the community, English is not good, so please let me know if there is a link.)

Can you share a link to the page that shows this error? (If you want to share the link privately, please use the “Billing or account issues, confidential data, or business development” form on our contact page.) Seeing the issue firsthand will allow us to investigate and come up with a solution. Adding a YouTube API key to the Credentials section is a recent fix, so if it is causing errors in your galleries, we definitely want to investigate why.

Thank you very much.

Immediately, if you check tonight to let you know the URL, it seems that it is working properly with the API Key newly obtained yesterday.

Tested on some sites, Tubepress now shows up on pages where it didn’t show at all.

So, I’ll look at it one day.

I’m glad to hear your TubePress galleries are working properly now. If the errors return, please send us a link and we will be sure to investigate.

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