Fatal error when updating TubePress Pro for WP.org website

Totally unable to get into UTWM.org WP website after tried to update TubePressPro through Hostmonster. Yesterday was able to see the homepage but unable to get into desktop/backoffice. Went to Hostmonster this am, saw numerous updates needed. Was able to update all but TubePressPro, and trying has given a fatal error: " There has been a critical error on your website."

Please get back to me asap as we are totally unable to get into our website.

Kevin Alexander, account holder
Cheryl Hendricks, webmanager

@kevin.alexander Sorry to hear about this trouble! Fatal errors typically indicate a corrupt installation, so here’s what we suggest:

  1. Using an FTP program, remove any and all instances of TubePress from wp-content/plugins. That should bring your site back up immediately.

  2. Ensure that your server meets the minimum requirements for TubePress.

  3. Perform a fresh installation using FTP.

If you continue to experience issues and are willing and able to share WordPress admin and FTP credentials, please do so via email or the confidential data option here. Thanks!


Thank you for responding. After finally reaching WP support, and determining that this issue was a bit beyond my technical skill set, we hired a wp support professional to get it done. Evidently there have been numerous changes to themes and plugins, and not all of the old plug-ins are supported by the newest theme. An update did indeed cause corruption.

We’re just gonna let the experts fix it.

Thank you for responding.

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I’m glad to hear you have a solution in place! Don’t hesitate to reach out again if we can be of service.