Deep linking to Vimeo playlist video

Hello. Imagine that there is a web page that holds a tubepress-served Vimeo playlist.

Is there a way to get a “deep link” URL that when entered into the browser will cause the page to load, then automatically cause the desired video (within the playlist) to start playing? For example:

Thanks for your help.


Hi @GregR,

Thanks for your question. With the TubePress Pro plugin for WordPress, there are two options for linking to a specific video:

  1. Prepending a video

This method uses the video ID of any desired video (i.e. in the existing gallery or not) as part of your page’s URL. Going off your example, this would look something like:
  1. Auto Post

Auto Post will create a unique post/page on your site for each video in your gallery, which you can link to like any other page on your site. However, the corresponding thumbnail on the gallery page must be clicked in order to view the desired video.

Does that answer your question? Please let us know how else we may assist.