Dailymotion and cURL error 6

Dailymotion playlist stops displaying.

Error: cURL error 6: Couldn’t resolve host ‘api.dailymotion.com

Thanks for getting in touch and sharing that information. This cURL error means that your web server is suddenly not able to perform a DNS lookup on the domain name “api.dailymotion.com”. In other words, your web server can’t find the IP address for api.dailymotion.com, so it has no way of reaching Dailymotion. Your hosting provider’s tech support will be able to assist you in getting this resolved.

Thank you, Elisabeth. Let me figure it out with my host.

Dailymotion API is down.

DailyMotion API is still down.

DailyMotion API is still down.

Hi @ExcitingAds, are you able to share a link to your site that shows the issue? We’d be happy to take a closer look. Thanks!

The error says: Cache path is not writable.

For the “cache path is not writable” error, we recommend that you use FTP to ensure that /var/www/sites/search.excitingads.com/html/wp-content/tubepress-content/cache/tubepress-5.1.8/ (and all of its subdirectories, e.g. “api-calls”) are writable by WordPress. The following page goes into a little more detail on this process: Changing File Permissions | WordPress.org.