Today we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of TubePress 3.1.2. This version is primarily a maintenance release: squashing a handful of bugs of varying degrees. But we’ve also thrown in a few new features including …

Redesigned Options GUI

The TubePress options page for WordPress has stagnated for some time. We spruced it up and made it responsive so it works well on just about any device.

“Smart” Sort Order

TubePress can now choose the best sort order for your videos based on the video source. For instance, if you are showing videos from your YouTube channel, TubePress will show your videos in the same order they’re posted. Or if your gallery is a Vimeo search-based gallery, the videos will show up in order of relevance.

We’re referring to this as the “default” search order. To activate it, simply use orderBy="default" in your TubePress shortcode, or if you’re using WordPress you can use the dropdown at WP Admin > Settings > TubePress > Feed > Order videos by.

New Translations

We’ve added support for Chinese, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and Persian. TubePress is now available in nineteen languages!

Download your copy of TubePress 3.1.2 today!