YouTube - No matching videos

I can’t seem to display videos from YouTube either on my WordPress site or on Just says “No matching videos.” I have tried a new YouTube API key. That worked for one test preview on, but then it stopped working. I have attached a screenshot of the Metrics screen in the Google API Dashboard so you can see that there is activity. The YouTube channel ID is UCmfT0wt28Nlx22DU9cVgRyQ.

@hello, thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the trouble. We’re still investigating, but when you try a new API key, does the gallery work on your website at all or directly display the “no matching videos” error?

Immediately displays “no matching videos.” I successfully got a gallery in preview on, but then it stopped working.

Jonathan Dolan

@hello, thanks for your patience as we looked into this. It turns out this is a YouTube quota issue (which you can see here).

You can view your quota at the Google Developer’s Console by typing “quota” in the search bar and then selecting “All Quotas.” TubePress caches results for a few hours, which prevents virtually all of our users from going over quota. Can you think of anything that might be slamming your site with requests?

We typically recommend you get a new API key, which (since you are using TubePress Express) you will want to enter - and save - in the Credentials section of the dashboard. If that’s what you did previously, however, then your next option is to ask YouTube for a quota increase.

Thanks for the reply. There actually should be nothing slamming YouTube for requests on this API. This is a brand new site.

Jonathan Dolan

Sorry we don’t have more insight into this. You can try reaching out to YouTube’s support, but in our experience they’re not terribly responsive.