Would tubepress youtube video get refreshed using WP Faster Cache?

I am using tubepress trial. I have “WP Faster Cache” plugin installed.
My question is, would tubepress youtube videos clips get refreshed for pages that been cached by WP Faster Cache? In other word let say I embeded [tubepress mode=‘tag’ tagvalue=‘coronavirus’ orderby=‘newest’] on a post page and it’s been cached and this post page cache is 2 days old, would the tubepress youtube video stay the same although new youtube video were posted? or would tubepress know to refresh the youtube videos again when I visit the post page?

My intention is to keep the videos static using “WP Faster Cache” in other word tubepress embed the videos gallery one time on the post page and “WP Faster Cache” … I think this will help put less stress on the API request limit Google have, meaning tubepress doesn’t keep on requesting youtube API data everytime user visit a web page using short code like [tubepress mode=‘tag’ tagvalue=‘coronavirus’ orderby=‘newest’]

Thank very much, cool plug in by the way :slight_smile:

If you have a cache (like WP Faster Cache) sitting in front of TubePress, then TubePress won’t be invoked until the cached page expires. So no, TubePress will not perform updates in the background and invalidate the cached data.

In any WordPress site, we always recommend that a caching plugin is utilized. So we would advise you to continue using your current plugin (WP Faster Cache) on all pages of your site, including those with TubePress galleries. You’ll have to adjust your cache lifetime to balance performance (i.e. longer cache lifetimes are better for performance) vs. the risk of serving stale data (shorter cache lifetimes are better for serving up-to-date data).

Lastly, TubePress offers two internal caches that you can enable and tweak to your liking. Check out WP Admin > Settings > TubePress > Cache. Please note that these caches are internal to TubePress and are independent of any caching plugin that you may have in place.
Does that answer your questions? Please let us know what else we can do for you!

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