Why does my player disappear when I click the next page button? How do I get it back?

I have the video player embedded in my wix account and when I click on the next page video, the all of the videos disappear and there is not a button to go back.

That certainly doesn’t sound right and I’d be happy to assist. Do you have a publicly-viewable link so that I can get a firsthand look? If you don’t want to share the link on the forum, please use the “confidential data” option on our contact page. I look forward to hearing back from you and getting this resolved!

Yes. Here is the link.


Thank you for the link. It looks like you may have reconfigured your galleries as I’m not seeing pagination buttons or the issue you described. However, I also noticed that you are using manual lists of YouTube videos as your gallery source. There is a known pagination bug with that source, so what we recommend as a workaround is to create YouTube playlists of your desired videos and then use the “This YouTube playlist” source (located in your TubePress settings at All Settings > Which videos?). If we can be of further assistance, please let us know!

Hello again. What type of bug exists? How will that impact the videos on the website.

The bug, which is only present in multi-page galleries that use the manual list of YouTube videos as the source, can lead to incorrect thumbnails per page and missing “previous” and “next” buttons. This may lead to videos not displaying properly or at all, so we highly recommend using a YouTube playlist/s as your gallery source to avoid these issues. If you need any further guidance, just give us a shout.

Thank so much for your help. I will use the playlist method you suggested. So far it works great!

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