Vimeo Showcase player

Hi. I am trying to play a specific playlist in Tubepress from my Vimeo page - vimeo has ‘showcases’ now. Is there anyway to set the player to play a showcase instead?

Welcome to the community, and thanks for your question! Vimeo albums are now known as showcases in Vimeo, so you can enter the showcase’s numeric ID in TubePress’ settings under Which videos? > Vimeo > Videos from this Vimeo album (or via a shortcode). Copy the ID from the end of the URL in your browser’s address bar (while viewing a showcase), e.g. “140484” is the numeric ID for this showcase:

You could also add your videos to a Group or Channel in Vimeo, but it’s totally up to you. You would simply use the corresponding setting in TubePress to pull the videos.

very informative post