Troubleshooting "No Matching Videos"

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If TubePress can’t find any videos to display, you’ll see the following error message:

No matching videos

Listed below are the most common reasons and solutions for this issue.

Are your API credentials set up?

Setting up API credentials may be all that’s needed to resolve this error.

Is Auto Post enabled?

You might encounter No matching videos with Auto Post if the post status is set to something other than Published. If you have Pending (or similarly unpublished) posts/pages for the videos in your gallery (e.g. WP Admin > Pages > Pending), then changing their status to Publish should resolve the issue. Similarly, if you’ve deleted any posts/pages created by Auto Post, be sure to completely empty the trash (e.g. WP Admin > Posts > Trash) to clear the error.

Check for Typos

No matching videos can be caused by a simple typo in your TubePress configuration, so be sure to check that you’ve entered the exact playlist, channel, album ID, etc.

Check for Missing Videos

It’s worth checking to see if your videos are “missing” as described by this support article.

Contact Support

If the above fails and you’re still seeing No matching videos, please feel free to contact us with a link to a page that demonstrates the issue and we’ll be glad to assist.