Thumbnails not showing

My client has noticed that only 12 thumbnails are showing up under the most recent video. There used to be a lot more thumbnails under the video just a month or so ago. What would be causing this issue? They would like for more than just the 12 thumbnails to show up. How can this be fixed?

The page and site I am referring to is:

I made sure that the setting was correct. I would appreciate any help to resolve this issue. I set the option to 50 thumbnails per page, but only 12 are showing. The thumbnails do work, but just not showing more.

Hi @satori38, thank you for getting in touch. We’d like to get a closer look at this issue to understand what is causing fewer thumbnails to display in the gallery. Would you mind enabling debug mode on the site? This can be done via WP Admin > Settings > TubePress > Advanced > Enable debugging. That should allow us to get to the bottom of it. Thanks in advance.

Hello Elisabeth. Debugging mode has been enabled.

The gallery at is a TubePress Express gallery, so its settings must be adjusted from the TubePress Dashboard. The “thumbnails per page” option is currently set to 12, but you can change it from Which videos? > Feed Options (tab) > Thumbnails per page. That should do the trick, but please let me know if there is anything else we can do to assist!

Hey Elisabeth. I’ve tried that. I set it to 20 then 50, but only 12 videos are showing. I’ve tried this before with no luck and tried it again no success. I’ve cleared the cache, but no luck. It is currently set to 50.

When my client first notified me about the issue, it was set to 50. I’ve tried every number in multiples of 5 with no successs. Any other suggestions?

My hunch is that you’re adjusting these settings for the TubePress plugin (i.e. from WP Admin > Settings > TubePress), rather than for TubePress Express (which requires logging in to to edit). If this is the case, the simplest solution would be to:

  1. insert a TubePress shortcode on the page in question as described at the top of this page (Usage - Introduction - TubePress Documentation)

  2. remove the existing TubePress Express snippet and cancel any associated purchase.

If you are able and willing to share WP credentials for the site, I’d be happy to log in and take care of the shortcode insertion and snippet removal on your behalf. In order for me to assist with any cancellations or editing of the current Express gallery, I’ll need to know the email address associated with the TubePress account. Either way, please send this sensitive information through the “confidential data” option on our contact page. Looking forward to getting this resolved for you and your client!