Remove TubePress from Everything, How To?

How to remove TubePress from every aspect of my site? Everytime I click on an internal Link, It keep gives the error: “TubePress failed to initialize: getTubePressBaseUrl is not defined” with a prompt.

Cannot Navigate through the website because of this error; Pardon, but the thing is invasive on every page like never seen before when you look into the HTML codes.

Either it should be fixed, or remove; the site is in paralysis, the site is down because of TubePress

Any suggestions will be helpful.

I hope there is a dedicated support team, not just forum stuff.


Hi Arti,

Thanks for reaching out with your question. I’m on the TubePress support team and will be happy to assist. You can always contact us directly using the second option on our contact page.

To remove TubePress, you’ll want to delete all instances of TubePress from wp-content/plugins (just look for any directory in there with the name “tubepress”). My guess is that you have an out-of-date version of TubePress installed. You can find the latest download of the TubePress Pro plugin here, but it sounds like you might be more interested in our no-download option, TubePress Express. It takes minutes to set up, is super fast, and is free to try for 30 days! I hope you can check it out.

Hello Elisabeth,

Thank you for your quick reply;

Easily embed galleries wherever you’d like throughout your site. TubePress can be added to any website on the planet, regardless of how it’s built.

…any website on the planet, regardless of how it’s built.

So, lets say there is no TubePress folder, nor content; does TubePress encodes itself on every HTML page of the website; or at least, on the Home Page index file?

How do I get rid of TubePress from being prompting on every mouse click on the Page linked contents?

Do I have to go through each page, and clear out the “TubePress” codes? Is there a clean and easy way of doing so?


Hello Elisabeth, might spoke too early; thank you very much… I was able to find the TubePress folders and contents, and was able to delete any item and folder that had the world TubePress; and issue is resolved.

I did a search within the public_html folder within the Server, utilizing FileZilla FTP, and did delete all items, and no more prompts on the page.

Thank you Elisabeth, I do appreciate your help and following up with the issue…


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I’m very glad you were able to find the correct folders and resolve the issue. For what it’s worth, TubePress Express requires only that you paste a code snippet wherever you’d like a video gallery, so removing a gallery is as simple as erasing that snippet.