Project blocked - abuse detected

I’m a long-time user. Our sites are currently not showing videos and instead we’re just getting a message “Project blocked - abuse detected”. Can anyone tell me what I need to do?

Thanks for reporting this; we’ll be happy to advise you. Google is in the process of making major changes to their data API, which TubePress uses extensively. They are dramatically reducing daily quotas (e.g. from 80M API calls per day to 10K), and they are seemingly using automated tools to detect quota evasion. It sounds like your installation has been incorrectly flagged as an API abuser. You could appeal to Google, but in our experience they are essentially non-responsive to appeals.

What we would suggest is to fill out the appeal form on the Google Developer’s Console, then simply create and obtain a new API key for your TubePress installation to use. Here are the instructions for that procedure: Google API key setup.pdf (394.7 KB)

Please let us know how that goes or if we can be of further assistance!