Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error

(NelsonAndCo) #1

Tubepress 5.1.8 is throwing a PHP Fatal error, please see blockquote below. I have tested this on 2 websites with completely different server setups.

Fatal error : Class tubepress_event_impl_tickertape_EventBase contains 2 abstract methods and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods (tubepress_api_event_EventInterface::getDispatcher, tubepress_api_event_EventInterface::getName) in \wp-content\plugins\tubepress_pro_5_1_8\src\add-ons\event\classes\tubepress\event\impl\tickertape\EventBase.php on line 15

If the error happens during an update, it will completely lock users out of wp-admin until the plugin is manually disabled either via the database or deleting the plugin via FTP.

Activating a new install of the plugin will also throw the error, and not allow it to be activated.

For now we have rolled back to 4.2.1 with no errors.

(Eric Hough) #2

Thanks for getting in touch, and congrats on creating the first topic in our new community! :tada:

This error indicates that some of the code from TubePress 4.2.1 is somehow getting “mixed in” with the code from TubePress 5.1.8. A few questions to help us diagnose:

  1. Are you using automatic updates? Or are you installing 5.1.8 manually?

  2. If installing manually, are you ensuring that TubePress 4.2.1 is deactivated (i.e. WP Admin > Plugins) before you activate 5.1.8? If you try to activate both versions at the same time, this error could present itself.

Let’s start there and we can decide next steps. One way or another, I’m confident we’ll get this resolved today.

(Eric Hough) #3

Just following up. Were you able to get things working? Let us know - thanks!