Playlist stopped displaying

This page is another example of the video feed failing

As the original poster wrote, after saving, some of the characters get cut out of the URL. It’s hard not to think that could be related…

@spavar1 @anselm1611 @scott, thank you for sharing links; please check your email for individual responses.

I’ve yet to receive an email regarding a solution
Can you please advise

I’ve just re-sent your email. Please look for an email from support AT tubepress DOT com.


  1. I tried creating a new API Key several weeks ago which did not work
  2. The only restriction I placed on it was that it was restricted to using Youtube’s API 3
  3. I have a tried again using the suggestion in your email and I get a ‘‘No matching videos’’ videos error message on the Tubepress Galleries site when I try and preview the gallery
  4. and it does not work on the republished website
  5. I tried another API key today just now and that does not work either
  6. I’m not at all confident that the issue is excess quota usage given the website is still being built
    and has few visitors other than me

My developer console in Google does not show over the quota usage

  1. When I create a new gallery in Tubepress using a public gallery from youtube it works once
    then it stops working once it has been saved

  2. As another poster commented the PL letters at the front of the youtube playlist address had been removed by Tubepress on saving - however that is no longer the case

  3. Imho the problem is with the Tubepress galleries as I can get my playlists to work using other providers and my ‘own’ code though they don’t look as nice as the Tubepress layout

  4. Tubepress galleries work as long as they are not saved
    Once they are saved they stop working

  5. I also tried this solution here and it has not worked including deleting the cache
    YouTube API Key won't work: "Requests from referer are blocked" - #2 by elisabeth

This is my page which fails to display any (Tubepress) playlists:

Dear Elisabeth
Please could we have an update on what the cause of the problem is?
Thank you

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Anyone have an update on this? We are having the same issue.

I also have this problem at
As well as several other sites.
Please help!

Yes, we are still waiting for two sites. One is using online Tubepress, a non-Wordpress membership site behind a login, and the first is a site running the WP plugin Version 5.1.8. I was sent a manual fix for the plugin site, but was told an update was coming so I’ve been waiting.

We’re not exactly sure why your API key is returning the “quota exceeded” error when the Google Developer’s Console is not, but you can remove TubePress entirely from the equation by testing your key directly against YouTube. If you visit this site and enter the following URL into the main input box (leave all the other options alone, and replace the placeholder with your actual API key before clicking “Send”):

then you’ll see the response from YouTube. Currently, when we run this test with your API key (i.e. the one saved in the Credentials tab), we’re still seeing the “quota exceeded” error message. We tried one of our API keys temporarily and your galleries worked, so we suggest the following two options:

Update your key restrictions

  1. Log in to the Google Developer’s Console
  2. Click the “Credentials” tab on the left navigation bar
  3. Under “API keys”, select the key you’re currently using with TubePress
  4. Under “Application restrictions”, ensure that “None” is selected
  5. Under “API restrictions”, ensure that “Don’t restrict” is selected
  6. Save your changes and allow at least 5 minutes for them to take effect

Reach out to YouTube to request a quota increase

  1. You can request a quota increase from the Developer’s Console
  2. Keep in mind that it can take a week or more for YouTube to respond to these types of requests, but if the “quota exceeded” errors persist this is the best option

Will you let us know how these options work for you?

We tested one of your TubePress Express galleries and found the following error message: “YouTube responded with an error: Requests from referer are blocked.” To resolve, we’d recommend updating your API key restrictions as described below:

For your site using the TubePress Pro plugin, the fix will be released with version 5.1.9 in the next week or so. If you are willing and able to share FTP credentials to your site, we are happy to apply the fix on your behalf before then. Please be sure to share that sensitive information via the “confidential data” option here.

Thxs for the useful info

  1. I tried the link as advised using my current key which is unrestricted
  2. and was told my quota is restricted
  3. despite in 7 days having had less than 15 visits to my website
  4. most of them being me

When I click this link

it takes me to this page every time so I cannot ask for the quota to be changed as it’s not being flagged as over the limit on the developer console

  1. However, using other plugins for youtube galleries from other companies
  2. on my website and the galleries function fine
  3. Imho the problem is not a quota issue with the API key otherwise the other plugins that provide youtube, vimeo etc galleries would not work either
  4. I still think the problem is occurring when the youtube playlist code is saved in Tubepress
  5. it appears to be being saved in a way that does not allow it to be edited making the Tubepress gallery work the first time before it is saved
  6. but then stops working every time after it is saved regardless of how the playlist code is edited or a different one used


Please could we have an update on the progress of resolving the issue of the galleries in Tubepress not working
Thank you

@spavar1 We are truly sorry for the delay in response. In your case, we strongly recommend contacting YouTube. Here is a direct link to their quota extension request form. Since your API keys continue to return that error, this is an issue on YouTube’s end. It may even be with your Google account as a whole. You might have someone try to generate a key with their account as a test.

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@scott We received your credentials and applied the fix for TubePress Pro. After a delay (a caching plugin, we suspect), it appears your TubePress Pro galleries are working as expected. Can you confirm the same?

It also looks like updating your key restrictions resolved the issue with your affected cloud-hosted TubePress Express galleries?

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Thxs it appears to be working
i will get back to you if it does not or stops

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