Pagination Not Working

Hello sometime in the recent past pagination for my playlists have stopped working.

It is OK if you just view the videos on the first page, but if use the pagination links to go to another page by either number of “next” all of the videos thumbnails and pagination links disappear and all you see is the first video in the playlist.

I have TubePress setup on several sites at least 5 and it seems to be happening across ALL of them.

I need help with this as soon as possible as my customers depend on our video galleries for educational purposes.

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Hi @jennifer, thank you for getting in touch and sorry to hear about this! We had another similar report recently. Would you be able to share a link to a page on your site demonstrating this issue? Feel free to send the link using the “confidential data” option here if you don’t want it published on this forum. Thanks and we look forward to working this out!

Hi Elisabeth,

As always thank you for your speed reply.

It is happening on all of my galleries across all of my websites. I was able to click on the pagination a few times successfully without problems but a few clicks in eventually the pagination and thumbnails disappeared. In most cases it happened as soon as I clicked on the pagination.

Here is a sample of a few pages it is happening:

This one is a bigger playlist, normally it requires login so I copied the page were the problem is existing and removed the login function:

OK, I might have been wrong. It does not appear to be happening on two of my websites. Again on the other two I linked to above every now and again the pagination worked until it did not. Maybe I just didn’t click around long enough but it is working at the below links.

The first link I sent above there are two galleries and again both have the issued. I had a to click a few times on the second gallery pagination to make it happen, but it did.

On the second link I sent in the previous post I have tons of galleries’ setup, every one I tried had the problem. Some have 200+ videos others just a page or two.

The two sites below that seem to be working, only have the one gallery for each.

Thank you for those details and additional links; both are very helpful in allowing us to get to the bottom of this new issue. We will investigate and report back as soon as we have an update.

Glad to see I am not the only one having this issue. I hope it can be resolved soon

Hi Elisabeth,

I am now having issues with the two websites that seemed to be working yesterday.

This website now has the pagination and the thumbnails disappear when you click on the pagination links:

The other site that was working yesterday,, now has the below error. I was able to refresh and get the gallery to display again but when I revisited the page, again I receive the error and refreshing has not displayed the gallery since that first time.

YouTube responded with an error: The playlist identified with the request’s playlistId parameter cannot be found.

Please note, I have seen this error on one of my other websites ( and was planning to report it, but wanted to take care of this other error first. Normally a refresh or clearing the cache takes care of it.

Our suspicion is that ajax.php is not properly configured. If you are able and willing to provide us with FTP access to one of your sites, we’d be happy to log in and take a peek on your behalf. If that’s a possibility, please send those credentials via the “confidential data” option here.

We also noticed that jQuery is included three times on This is probably not causing the problem we’re seeing, but at the very least, it will hurt your site’s performance and could cause other issues.

To see the problem, view the page source and search for “jquery” and you’ll see it three times. We would recommend that you just keep the first one (i.e. src="/engine1/jquery.js").

Hi Elisabeth, FTP access has been sent.

I have been running TubePress on these sites for years. If memory serves correctly since 2014 and no changes have been made for a year possibly two. Do you have any idea why the ajax file would suddenly not be configure properly on all 4 sites?

A while back we were discussing a big update, that would make the setup and implementation of TubePress much easier. Has that happened yet?

I have some questions about the Express option. I am assuming because it is run on your website that problems like these are not as likely. Does the $69.99 or $149.99 per year allow me to setup galleries on all of my different domains?

Thanks for your assistance.


Hi Elisabeth,

I do not think the problem is the ajax file. I just started the 30 day trial of TubePress Express and I am having the same problem on a test page I just setup.

And it is not just the above test page, when I preview the page from the TubePress website in the customer dashboard area it also happens.

In short if I click a pagination link in a gallery on my website using my install, on a page on my website using express OR in the dashboard on the TubePress website, the thumbnails disappear.

@jennifer, we have come to the same conclusion (i.e. that the problem is not the ajax file). It appears that YouTube has changed something on their end and we believe this is what’s causing the intermittent YouTube playlistID errors and pagination issues. We are investigating as quickly as we can and will keep you updated.

In regards to Express, you may set up galleries on as many of your sites as you wish with just one plan. We do also recommend that Express users sourcing from YouTube create a new YouTube API key and enter it on the Credentials tab. YouTube dramatically reduced daily quota allowances this year, so this step helps prevent quota-related errors.