My wordpress short codes are showing; oh My!

wordpress short codes are showing on the front end web site.

pages work as expected until the search function is used or a page calls recent posts. tags, categories, etc … short codes all show up instead of tubepress.

the short code is correctly formatted --when copied to a page and published, it does in fact show as expected. is the site in question.

any Help is greatly Appreciated. it is happening across multiple themes and can be seen specifically here at:

thanks! looking forward to a Resolve.

@wizcom, thanks for reaching out and apologies for the delay in response! When you see raw/un-parsed shortcodes, it’s never crystal clear what’s to blame, though it can usually be traced back to a misbehaving plugin or (more likely) theme. You could test this by switching a non-production instance of your website to the default WP theme. One surefire workaround would be to add a custom excerpt to the posts, though that might not be a great fit for your requirements. Could you let us know if switching your theme as described above resolves the issue? That would be a great starting point.

it still suffers the same. the main theme that ships with wordpress fails the same way. nothing displayed. the previous theme wordpress shipped with works the tags page but not on categories. same issue.

after much investigation, it is the tubepress plugin.

please advise.

@wizcom, thank you for those additional details. The next thing we’d advise would be to disable all your plugins except for TubePress. At this point, does the problem still exist? If not, enable your plugins one at a time until the problem reappears; this way, we’ll be able to pinpoint the conflicting plugin.

However, if TubePress is the only enabled plugin and you still see the issue, then we’ll have to take a closer look. Are you willing and able to share FTP and WordPress login credentials with us? Please do so via the “Billing or account issues, confidential data, or business development” form on our contact page and we will go from there.

only tubepress is enabled. the first troubleshooting I tried.

I would need to communicate with others about granting access to a plugin dev on our network. That will be a difficult hurdle to overcome. I will spare everyone’s time on that request.

It doesn’t function as advertised on current wordpress with the default theme running zero other plugins.

please advise.


@wizcom OK, I’ve issued a credit to your account. If you are able to grant access down the road, let us know and we’ll be happy to take a closer look.

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