Migrate data from TubePress free plugin to Pro version

Hi Team,

Last week we have purchased Tubepress pro plugin and installed in my website. Its working fine no issues. We need to migrate data from our old tubepress free plugin to pro. But unfortunately unable to activate our old tubepress free plugin. I am getting Fatal error:

Fatal error: Redefinition of parameter $path in /wp-content/plugins/tubepress/src/main/php/add-ons/wordpress/classes/tubepress/addons/wordpress/api/WordPress Function Wrapper.php on line 213

Kindly let we know how to migrate data from our old plugin to pro.
Site url: https://www.wartner.eu/
Which TubePress product are you using? TubePress Pro
What kind of website do you have? WordPress

Hi @naveen.mahendran, thank you for getting in touch and our sincere apologies for the delay in getting back to you!

We would recommend leaving the free version of the plugin disabled, and activate only TubePress Pro. This should allow Pro to automatically adopt the free version’s settings, galleries, etc. If that is not happening, would you be willing and able to share WordPress and/or FTP credentials to your site so that we can log in and take a closer look at the issue? If so, please share that sensitive information via the “Billing or account issues, confidential data, or business development” option on our contact page. We look forward to resolving this for you!