Links in Playlist do not work

We are using the tubepress shortcode to display a playlist:

[tubepress mode=“playlist” playlistValue=“PLNVmQAlpH49uyA3PsKNOs4oyW5TgS7euC” ]

The page is

The video thumbnails and descriptions display, but when I click on the title link, nothing happens.

Hi @bob, thanks for reaching out and providing a link! We checked your site and it looks like Fancybox isn’t playing nicely with your theme. For this reason as well as for the best responsiveness across devices, we’d highly recommend choosing the “normal” player location in your TubePress settings (WP Admin > Settings > TubePress > Player > Play each video... > normally (at the top of your gallery)). Would you let us know how it goes?

That fixed the problem! Thank you for the quick response.

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