Display playlist without gallery underneath

Howdy, I had previously implemented my own custom theme for a playlist display which would only show a single video - no gallery underneath. I did this by modifying the ‘startup’ theme twig code but it seems to have stopped working.
This is on my site at www.travelbulletin.com.au (among others) - on the front page are a couple of places where it displays the “latest video”. This should work by showing just a single video, which is the ‘most recently favorited’ one.
Has anything changed in the way the custom themes work? I have implemented it simply by editing main.html.twig in the tubepress-content/themes/starter/templates/gallery folder.
Thanks for your help!

Hi @bwhp! Something certainly sounds off; would you be willing and able to share FTP access so that we can get a firsthand look? If that’s not possible, sending along the contents of your theme (wp-content/tubepress-content/themes/…) should give us similar insight for investigating what might be going on. In either case, feel free to send via the “confidential data” option here and we’ll take a look!

@bwhp thank you for sharing FTP access. We logged in and it looked like any edits you had made previously were no longer present, so we ended up making edits to wp-content/tubepress-content/themes/starter/gallery/main.html.twig to hide the thumbnails. Would you let us know how it looks to you?