Auto Play is not working

A couple of things that I set and it’s not working as it should:

  1. Youtube Logo appears
  2. I chose not to suggest related videos, and it still does
  3. I start playing video after another video without stopping, and it’s not. It stops and suggests other videos. Here is the link you can see
    Please advise
    Thank you

Hi @phillycircle,

Thanks for reaching out and including a link. We are still investigating your third issue (please stand by for that), but here’s what’s going on with the first two:

The appearance of this branding in the corner of the player is entirely on YouTube’s end and unfortunately they don’t allow us to modify this.

This, too, is because of a change on YouTube’s end. YouTube no longer allows disabling the display of related videos. What this means is that if “Show related videos” is unchecked, YouTube will show related videos only from the channel of the video that just ended. If “Show related videos” is checked/enabled, the related videos will come from all of YouTube.