Adding Galleries to Weebly site

Under “Manage Tubepress” in a new widget in Weebly, the following options show:

### Adding TubePress to your site is easy.

1. Click here to create, preview, and manage your video galleries.
2. Use the menu below to select which gallery you’d like to display.

Choose a gallery…

BUT, when I click on the dropdown menu to “Choose a Gallery” there are no galleries displayed to select from. I clicked the refresh button to the right, and published my site, exited the editor and came back, but the same is happening.

I finished the step 1, created a gallery in Tubepress, so I know there is at least one gallery to choose.

Any way to get them to show inside Weebly?

@LFNC, thanks for reaching out and apologies for the confusion! This appears to be a login issue. We recommend resetting your password for TubePress. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit to ensure you’re entirely logged out of the TubePress Dashboard.

  2. Back in the “Manage TubePress” popup in Weebly, select the “Click here” button. You should see a login prompt that looks something like this:

  3. Click “forgot password?”, then enter the email address you use for Weebly and click “Send email”. Note: This only affects your TubePress login; your Weebly login will remain unchanged.

  4. The password reset email from TubePress will be titled “Confirm password change”; follow the link in the email to reset your password, then repeat Step 2. This time enter your email and new password, then “Log In”

  5. You should see the TubePress Dashboard but no galleries. Unfortunately, you will need to recreate your gallery but so long as you use that login info you shouldn’t have any further trouble seeing the galleries you create back in Weebly.

Will you give that a try and let us know how it works for you?

Thank you - trying this now. Bummer about the galleries, but if it works, then great!

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