Features Comparison

TubePress is available in two different packages: the free WordPress plugin and the more powerful TubePress Pro. The table below identifies the difference between the two. Be sure to check out the Feature Showcase to see all of these features in action!



TubePress Pro


per year

Populate your galleries from one of nineteen sources…

  1. “Favorites” of a YouTube user
  2. Videos from a YouTube playlist
  3. YouTube videos matching a search term
  4. Videos uploaded by a YouTube user
  5. “Featured” videos on YouTube’s homepage
  6. Most-viewed videos on YouTube from the past day, week, month, or all-time
  7. Most-discussed videos on YouTube
  8. Most-linked videos on YouTube
  9. Most-responded-to videos on YouTube
  10. Top-rated videos on YouTube
  11. Newest videos added to YouTube
  12. Videos uploaded by a Vimeo user
  13. Videos “liked” by a Vimeo user
  14. Videos in which a Vimeo user appears
  15. Vimeo videos matching a search term
  16. Videos credited to a Vimeo user
  17. Videos from a Vimeo channel
  18. Videos from a Vimeo album
  19. Videos in a Vimeo group
After clicking a thumbnail, a video can play…

Interactive search. Let your users surf YouTube or Vimeo without leaving your site!
Customize the thumbnail gallery…

Lots of embedded player options…

Customize what shows up under each thumbnail. Choose any combination of…

  • Author
  • Date uploaded
  • Title
  • Runtime
  • YouTube/Vimeo URL
  • Average rating
  • Number of ratings
  • Category
  • Number of views
  • YouTube/Vimeo video ID
  • Description
  • Vimeo “likes” count
Fine tune your how your site interacts with YouTube or Vimeo…

Several advanced options for the savvy user…

Videos play perfectly on nearly every mobile device that supports HTML5 or Flash
Easily embed individual videos with all associated meta information (description, length, author, etc)
HTML output is entirely customizable via lightweight, upgrade-proof themes. No specialized template syntax! Just regular HTML, CSS, and PHP.
Tested to work on IE 7, IE 8, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari
“Fluid” thumbnails that align themselves to best-fit, even on browser resize
Extremely verbose debugging mode to help diagnose and resolve any installation issues
Fast – minimal performance penalty
Easily used in WordPress posts, pages, and as a widget
Detects and lazy-loads missing JS and CSS resources
100% open source under the GNU GPLv3 license
Semantically correct, clean, XHTML compliant HTML source
Scalable – Unlimited unique galleries on unlimited pages
Powerful, easy-to-use shortcode syntax lets you insert galleries throughout your site with no coding
Available in nine languages

  • English
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Portugese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
Widget functionality – put a strip of videos in your sidebar
One full year of priority support
One full year of free TubePress Pro upgrades
Easily used as a stand-alone PHP library
Easily used in WordPress templates
Ajax-enabled pagination
Ajax-enabled interactive searching
Use high quality thumbnails
Combine multiple video sources into a single, seamless gallery! (e.g. videos from multiple users)
After clicking a thumbnail, videos can play…

Full SSL (HTTPS) support
Automatically start the next video in a gallery when playback finishes
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