TubePress 5.0.0 Introduces Support for Dailymotion

TubePress 5.0.0 Introduces Support for Dailymotion

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Today we are very excited to announce the immediate availability of TubePress 5.0.0. This release proudly introduces full support for Dailymotion, one of the largest video hosts in the world. TubePress can now access nine individual Dailymotion video sources! There is no API setup required, and we will soon be releasing an add-on that allows TubePress to access private Dailymotion videos. Stand by for that!

We have also dropped support for PHP 5.2, which has reached end-of-life over five years ago. The new requirement for TubePress Pro users is PHP 5.3.29 or higher. If you are still using PHP 5.2, you will need to ask your hosting provider to upgrade your installation before you upgrade to TubePress 5.0.0.

WordPress users can follow the upgrade instructions here, and standalone PHP users can find upgrade instructions here. TubePress Express, Wix, Jimdo, and Weebly users will be upgraded to TubePress 5.0.0 in the very near future. As usual, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you experience any issues with this upgrade. We hope you enjoy this new release!

TubePress 4.2.0 Released with Improved Vimeo Support

TubePress 4.2.0 Released with Improved Vimeo Support

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Today we are delighted to announce the immediate availability of TubePress 4.2.0. The most exciting improvement in this release is support for version 3 of the Vimeo API. Vimeo has deprecated version 2 of their API and it will likely soon be disabled completely, so TubePress 4.2.0 is a critical milestone in the long-term stability of your Vimeo video galleries.

Please note that all TubePress Pro users that use Vimeo, including existing customers, will need to perform a one-time API setup that we have detailed here. This setup is required by Vimeo, but thankfully is relatively quick and easy.

The other big feature in TubePress 4.2.0 is support for automatic updates in WordPress. Our users have long been clamoring for this capability, and it should make upgrading TubePress completely painless.

Lastly, this version includes a handful of bug fixes, new translations for Slovak and Dutch, and it will be the last version of TubePress that can run under PHP 5.2 (future versions will require PHP 5.3.29 or higher).

You can download TubePress 4.2.0 today and find all the latest documentation on the support site. As usual, please don’t hesitate to contact us for anything.

Thanks for using TubePress!

Upgraded Authentication System – Action Required

tl;dr – We upgraded our authentication system and most users will need to set a new password. There has not been a security breach.

Over the past few months we have been quietly upgrading our server infrastructure to support an ever-growing customer base. As part of this process, today we are rolling out our completely new authentication and identity management system. This new system will provide a better login experience for users, increase our overall security posture, and will scale easily with our growth.

So what does this mean for you, the TubePress user? You will need to follow one of two paths moving forward:

  1. If you log in to TubePress with a password (rather than Google, Facebook, or Twitter)

    • You will need to reset your password by clicking here.
    • You will now log in with your email address and password; we no longer support “usernames” for authentication.
  2. If you log in to TubePress with Google, Facebook, or Twitter

    • You may continue to do so but we’ll need to “connect” your account with your old account information. Please simply contact us and let us know that you are logging in with Google/Facebook/Twitter – we’ll take care of the rest.

It’s natural to suspect a security breach when a system-wide password reset is enforced. We can assure you that we have not experienced a security breach of any kind. We are simply upgrading our security system in an effort to further secure your data.

If you need any help logging in, or if you find something that isn’t working quite right, please contact us! Our support staff is waiting to assist everyone through this transition and make it as painless as possible.

We hope that you’ll be pleased with this new system. Thanks for using TubePress!

The Death of the YouTube API v2 and Its Impact on TubePress

The Death of the YouTube API v2 and Its Impact on TubePress

YouTube icon

  • YouTube will turn off their old API on April 20, 2015. Make sure to upgrade to at least TubePress 4.1.0 or your site may break.
  • TubePress is leaving the plugin directory. Get updates exclusively from

On April 20, 2015, YouTube will officially shut down version 2 of their API in favor of version 3. TubePress 4.1.0 is the first version that supports version 3 of their API. This means that anyone running any older version of TubePress and showing YouTube galleries on their site will experience a severely broken TubePress installation. Vimeo users are OK for now, although Vimeo is also undergoing a massive upgrade to their API.

We aren’t giving you as much notice as we would’ve liked, and for that we sincerely apologize. Version 3 of the YouTube API was, for quite some time, not nearly as reliable as version 2 and it has been undergoing constant change. Even in some areas of the documentation of version 3, Google still refers to it as an “experimental API.” So we waited and waited for things to settle down and they never really did. Couple that with the fact that the new API isn’t as well suited for TubePress’s purposes, and hopefully you can understand why we waited as long as we did to update our code.

Most users shouldn’t see any major surprises when upgrading to TubePress. But just in case, here’s an abbreviated list of what you can expect if you are upgrading from the TubePress 3.x.x series:

  • TubePress 4.x.x will run 10 – 20 times faster than TubePress 3.x.x.
  • The free trial version of TubePress is limited to 3 videos per gallery. TubePress Pro doesn’t have this limitation.
  • Many YouTube-based galleries can’t be sorted nearly as finely. This is a limitation of the new YouTube API.

This date will also mark a significant turning point in how we distribute the downloadable packages of TubePress. Since its inception eight years ago, TubePress has been available as a plugin from the plugin directory. This has offered huge advantages for us including great visibility and automatic upgrades for our users. However, over the years TubePress has evolved from a WordPress hobby into an enterprise with multiple products, platforms, and customers that rely on us to provide stable software and timely support. Maintaining a “parallel” distribution page on has become an unfortunate drain on our resources and distraction from our goal of proving excellent products and services. From here on out, you can download the latest versions of TubePress directly from We will be updating our page on to reflect this change.

We are enthusiastic about a bright future ahead and look forward to serving you for years to come!

You can download the free trial version of TubePress from here, and TubePress Pro users can upgrade here.

Final Release Candidate of TubePress 4

The third and final release candidate of TubePress 4 is now available for download. Though we feel confident that virtually all of the bugs are worked out, we still advise you to use caution if deploying onto a production server.

TubePress 4.0.0 will be released in the very near future. Thanks for helping us test!

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